A Deeper Appreciation For Hatred

by The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS)

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Praise for "A Deeper Appreciation For Hatred":
"This one is full of rambling, instrumental psycho-metal-machine stuff: synths, distortion guitar effects, drum machine, etc. Each song has a life of its own and they’re differentiated by the, believe it or not, catchiness of the deeply embedded hooks on them. For instance, the first cut, the title track, is a 5-minute odyssey that pulses and throbs with noisy guitar chunks and a low-note playing guitar that sort of warbles underneath and still, yet, a third guitar chimes in with high-pitched screams and whistles. It has a sort of cinematic feel to it – like it could be the incidental music for some dark, dreary horror flick or psychodrama.....a long, weirded out concoction of noise-drone-metal machine music that really enervates one." - Kent Manthie, The Independent Review music blog (kmanthie.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/the-fantastic-world-of-sadism/)

About the album:
This album is the one we consider to be our most psychedelic. Created with the most raw sounding materials and analog equipment possible. No software was used on this album, it is all analog.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by The Finer Points Of Sadism by way of Boise, Idaho, January - February 2012.


released March 3, 2012

Ashley Sackett - Vocals (Track 3), Steel Guitar, Circuit Bent Atari 2600 and other items, FX

Jacobb T. Sackett - Vocals, Guitar, Circuit Bent Atari 2600 and other items, Rhythms/Drums, FX.

Cover Art: John Facey (johncfacey.tumblr.com)



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The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) Boise, Idaho

Jacobb and Ashley started playing music together in 2002 in several different bands in Boise, Idaho, USA. They accumulated circuit bent equipment and instruments, vintage synthesizers, and analog FX units. In late 2010, Jacobb recalls hearing strange and horrific noises as well as visual anomalies during a near death experience, which has influenced FPS's sound to this day. ... more

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Track Name: A Deeper Appreciation For Hatred
Track Name: Hammershteen
Track Name: Beyond Repair
You birthed me, you raised me for the lions. You fed me, you feed them. You gave my soul. You exploited my demons. You taught and led and bled me. You fed, I was paraded in a masochistic display. For your own personal, personal crusade. You go on, and go on, and go on, and go on. And its never enough, I'll never be enough. And you play games. For your own personal, personal crusade. And you don't know how much it hurts. And you never, never see it. You'll never see it, it's not about you, it's about me, it's never about me. You think you're so good, you think you're sooo good. But you're not. You're sad and lonely. You'll never get it. Can't you see you're old and lonely? And that you're sad, and you're weak. And you say that he loves you. You'll never see it. And I leave you. I leave you to your own, on your own, alone, feeling alone.
Track Name: The Modern Musician
They wear hats like Capone, and play with no emotion. These junk addicted fruit flies crowd the studio like some high school talent show. They know how to lay desperate women, the modern musician. She knows how to win over rich men, the modern musician. They play for a crowd of ten and add zeroes to the end. Their guitar playing is like their fucking - forced, coerced, they come first.
Track Name: Dreams Are The Reality
The trees are fighting a fierce storm, and I'm taking on the flood. Dreams, they say, "do it, join us forever". My body dies and I can finally turn everything down. I'll watch my light set on some flesh horizon. Dreams are the reality, a terrifying or lustful existence. No control, no going back, god damn this life. God damn this fucking life.
Track Name: The Finer Points Of Sadism
("I'm gonna die and I just hope this doesn't hurt too much")
It may take a moment to wrap your head around all this pain you feel. But rest assured, I will explore you with the tip, a tip. One moment you scream at me, the other you scream for me. Will you make up your mind, make up your mind, and please let us find, please let us find- the finer points (you like the pain, you like the pain) of sadism. Cum in death, cum on death.
Track Name: Why Not Die? Around Me...
It's about time. Yes, please die. You'll never change, so why not die? Give in to it, give in to it. Now comes the power, this wasn't meant to be. This wasn't the world I was promised. Are you hearing me? All of you, all of you, just die around me. All of you die around me. Dying around me.
Track Name: DMT - What Can You Show Me?
DMT - what can you show me? DMT - what can you show me? Can you show me extraterrestrials? Can you show me elves? Ineffable questions, ineffable actions. DMT - What can you show me?
Track Name: Disassociation
Track Name: Shaking Off The Solar Mass