Banned Standards

by The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS)

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Praise for "Banned Standards":

"Noise laden and sinister, the tracks are full of sonic gems from vintage synths, gritty guitars and field recordings. The overall vibe is decidedly lo-fi, but not to be trendy. Rather, the lo-fi production is an integral part of delivering the aesthetic of the tracks. The Finer Points of Sadism push the experimental envelope in a way few bands dare to. This album is a must have." - Floorshime Zipper Boots music blog:

As with all FPS albums, for best results please listen through headphones. This way you'll catch all the fun little noises we have in the background, through which laptop speakers would not be sufficient. This is the 7th album release by The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) and the first in over a year. After recording approximately 9 hours of tracks, it was whittled down to the final 17 that comprise this album. "Hydroplane" features vocals from Vince Gauthier-Bradner (Corroded Master) and the words and music for "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" were originally written by Jacobb when he was in his early teens. Ashley Sackett wrote "Wood Patterns". "Atop, Above" was written with a form of the Cut Up Method for the lyrics. The lyrics for "John Roston" were written by our own 6 year old daughter, Sofia. "Stridulation Arcing" is a series of field recordings using nail polish bottles as the main rhythms and a metal sign from a car wash providing heavy bass-like ambiance in the background. All the instrumentals on the album were improvisations. Some of the voices you hear on various tracks derive mostly from hypnosis cassette tapes made in the early 90's for weight loss and one for getting rich. A Tascam DR-05 was used to record crickets, traffic noise, dogs barking and coincidentally, some neighbors of ours a few houses down arguing.

These are all analog recordings, created with many different instruments and equipment, the most helpful on this album being a Moog Little Phatty synthesizer, Kaossilator (also played through guitar FX pedals at times), a large homemade contact mic with various live materials recorded through it such as a sign from a carwash, plastic, nail polish bottles, a Vox looper unit and of course the steel guitar. Improvisation is the origin for the majority of the recordings on this album (as is with most FPS material), for the exception of "Person Of Interest" and "St. Valentine's Day Massacre", which had chords written out beforehand.


released September 30, 2013

Ashley Sackett - Bass, Circuit Bent items, Field Recordings, Found Sounds, FX, Kaossilator, Rhythms (track #2), Steel Guitar, Synthesizers

Jacobb Sackett - Bass, Circuit Bent items, Drums/Rhythms, Field Recordings, Found Sounds, FX, Guitars, Synthesizers, Tapes, Vocals

Mixed and Mastered by FPS

Recorded August - September 2013, FPS HQ, Boise, Idaho, USA.

All lyrics by Jacobb Sackett except tracks #6 by Sofia Sackett and #15 by Ashley Sackett.
Cover Photo: Ashley Sackett
Cover Design: FPS



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The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) Boise, Idaho

Jacobb and Ashley started playing music together in 2002 in several different bands in Boise, Idaho, USA. They accumulated circuit bent equipment and instruments, vintage synthesizers, and analog FX units. In late 2010, Jacobb recalls hearing strange and horrific noises as well as visual anomalies during a near death experience, which has influenced FPS's sound to this day. ... more

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Track Name: Quantum Suicide
I'm in a finite room with infinite possibilities
It's inevitably going to happen, eventually it must happen
Hung myself in many split universes
Shot myself, stabbed myself too
But yet there exists another of me that is still whole, still living
Waiting for the clockwise motion to concur with my decision
Inevitably waiting, inevitably dying
Inevitably suffering, all that suffering must come with trying
I'm in an infinite hell with infinite possibilities
It's inevitably happening, it can never stop happening
Subatomic particle switch that provokes the bone cracking noise
Die and die over and over and over again
Track Name: The Last Great Jeremiad
Look at how the world sits braindead, that once was full of thinking people! How is earth become as a widow! She that was great among the worlds, and princess among the stars, how she has become trivial!
She sobs in the night, and her tears roll down her lands: among all her space penetrations she has none to comfort her. All her friends have dealt treacherously with her, they have become her enemies.
Sol has gone into captivity because of affliction, and because of great servitude. Earth resides among the heathen, she finds no rest, all her persecutors overtook her.
The ways of the universe mourn, because none come to the solemn feasts: All her cities are desolate, her priests high, her virgins gone wild, and she is in bitterness.
Track Name: Person Of Interest
Catchy term, media made
TV's the sperm and we are the egg
The mouth creates an insanity ring
Please call us if you know anything
We're all persons of interest
Let things slip through a laxadasical grip
Just what the fuck is ownership?
Public perception is benign
All guilty of a criminal mind
Track Name: John Roston
It's a long way to get there, it's a long way you can't make it
To California, but you can always take a plane home
After you go home you will take a nap and wake up and go back to the desert
Then you will go to the zoo and then on an airplane again
John Roston has a bass guitar named "Rockin"

And Johnny has a drummer playing forever and he sings forever
And he has something special for you I don't know what it is
And something else, and something else
And anything you want and also you have anything to do

You can't even do anything with you
Cause your mom and dad will think you're somewhere else in the desert
And you went back home and had dinner and went on a trip again
And then you went to your friend's house
And her name is Jeanie
Then he comes over and plays with him and then it's time to go away
Back home on an airplane and did something else
And he did something special for the friend
Do do do do do do do
Ding ding ding ding ding ding
Track Name: Hydroplane (feat. Corroded Master)
Brakes swimming in water
A funeral
Looked down
Now I need a plot

The best way to go
The best way to go
The best way to go
The best way to go out

What a scene
Spinal fluid sprayed
Fucking flayed
Photos circulate

A mysterious priest anoints my threads of gore
Olive oil and blood, the food of the gods
What a mess I was, but what a mess I am
No fucking legacy, but the pavement shows I made my mark
Track Name: Atop, Above
This is my private hell as she sits atop
Above myself, watching myself fucking
To the peaks they've excited
Lost; am I the astronaut or the victim?
Mind, mind gone
First adorn an erotic emotion
Warped, stuck like me
Calculated interaction?
It always has been, made up bed
Long for, dying for, forgetting
Then being beaten
Track Name: Emetophobia
Mommy's indulged again
I guess this makes day ten
Her hair damp from sweat and vomit entwined
Parental neglect and alcohol slime
Sheets covered in her bile
The shock was too vile
You're anticipating again
The first memory
Her eyes are rolled back again
Boxed wine or the lemon gin?
Glazed eye zombie on another binge
Open mouth frothy makes you twinge
Her affect is dead
Her anvil head
Track Name: St. Valentine's Day Massacre
They say Capone has taken over Chicago
And his accomplices are waiting for an answer they don't know
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
How I wish I could put it out of my mind
A great day of terror
Is there a peace I will ever find?
Radio bulletins wake me from my sleep
The DJ says the mob are out on the streets
And I can see them standing in the rain
Pretty fucking soon they will be slain
Is there a peace
A peace
I will ever find?
Track Name: Step It Up
Step it up
Disregard the barnyard variety trends
This counts as nothing towards the end
With a vast amount of jet fuel and drug fires
We can light up the horizon to that orange hue
Be sure all have paid their dues
And step it up on opportunities that present themselves
Free for the taking
Step it up
No rational thought compares
To the unseen in the air
The magnetic field turned upside down
From the wake turbulence of satellites burning round
Use a compass only to watch it spin eternally
Step it up to answer the doom of all man
For the radiation pellets number more than all grains of sand
Here comes the sweeping hand
Step it up
Track Name: Wood Patterns
Transfixed blue lights scatter
Particles wasted on contradicting flavors

Sawdust ash sprinkled
God, it's so sweet
They're too many

Leftovers falling through fingers
Soaked up by the systems and suffocated by the boil
Heat in head pulled apart by grids

Averts the eyes, closed up tight
Facts and lies printed on gray slab
Film poised ready to hide the show

Melding chopped with chopped, cut in with cut
Continued growth
Risking shutdown for disfigured favor
Unguided lust to be surrendered
Track Name: Fuckin' Amazing
Holy shit, that was fucking, fucking amazing
Just fucking amazing
Fucking amazing
Track Name: Time Is A Wall
You wouldn't believe me if I told you
There's a broken ceiling at 500 feet
And I am getting cut with shards of sky
There's a mountain in the distance that everyone notices
And taking it all in requires the phenomenon of understanding
Life is coming, no use running
That heaviness is catching up
It's shadow covers you as you flee in terror
And the person you always wanted to be is not looking back in the mirror
So you resign yourself to a fate that has chased you all your days
God or a deity?
Time will be the wall that you must hit at the end of this race
Time will be the wall that you must hit at the end of this life