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This is the debut LP of The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS), released late summer 2011. This album contains some of the first FPS material ever recorded. Songs such as "Poisoned", "In The Time Of Exploding Heads", "Pyroclastic Flow" and "Final Moments" helped gain FPS some of their earliest and most loyal fans. "Part Time", "Intercept", and "The Birth Trauma" all utilize FPS's use of found sounds by using answering machine tapes from the 1980's. They each contain a different subject and different speakers.

"Spatial Disorientation" and "Administering & The Peak/Death By LSD" are gigantic universes of songs, each one having their own distinct concept. "Spatial" is about cockpit voice recordings (CVR's) from airline disasters and contains only a small portion of lyrics. An actual CVR is heard at the beginning of the track, and Univox Minipops and Ace drum machines dominate the rhythms of the track. The monstrous sounds heard around the 05:55 mark were made by Ashley using a circuit bent V-Tech card reading toy through a Roland Space Echo RE-20. "Administering..." is an all instrumental track, the title explains it all.

A lot of the tracks contain a variety of synthesizers that maintains the DIY sound FPS is known for. On this album, a Roland Juno 60, MicroKorg, Akai Miniak and a circuit bent Casio were all used as the main synthesizers. Noise machines and Circuit Bent toys, instruments and items also dominate the album, in particular: A circuit bent Atari 2600 with Atari synth sequences and rhythms/beats capabilities, a Buddha Machine, contact microphones, circuit bent 'Wiggles' keytar toy, V-Tech card reader toy, Casio keyboard (1990's), "photo theremin" toy, various other circuit bent items. Also, several delay FX units were used in recordings in addition to the Space Echo RE-20 mentioned previously. A custom made electric guitar (Fender body and neck) with custom pickups was purchased previous to the recordings and used on almost all the tracks.


released August 20, 2011

All songs composed by The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS).


Ashley Sackett - Circuit Bent Items, Found Sounds, Steel Guitar, Synthesizers, Various Analog FX

Jacobb Sackett - Beats/Rhythms, Circuit Bent items, Found Sounds, Guitars, Synthesizers, Tapes, Various Analog FX, Vocals

Cover Art: Ashley Sackett

Recorded, Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS). Recorded January - August 2011, at the M-Cove Audio Laboratory, Garden City, Idaho, USA. Mastered in early August 2011.



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The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) Boise, Idaho

Jacobb and Ashley started playing music together in 2002 in several different bands in Boise, Idaho, USA. They accumulated circuit bent equipment and instruments, vintage synthesizers, and analog FX units. In late 2010, Jacobb recalls hearing strange and horrific noises as well as visual anomalies during a near death experience, which has influenced FPS's sound to this day. ... more

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Track Name: Poisoned
Track Name: In The Time Of Exploding Heads
I found peace in martyrdom
I found love in bloodbaths
In the time of exploding heads
I found ignorance in media
I found arrogance in mankind
In the time of exploding heads
Exploding heads
Track Name: LD50
Colorless, odorless, sinking into your lungs. Convulsions, convulsions, the ending, where was the beginning? Oh now I remember. Shut your eyes, breathe deep, it's time for sleep, you know I love you won't forget you, and death will find you in your dreams. Slicing and dicing Ricin and Hydrazine, like some gore writer's dream, never fully comprehending the magnitude of what I'm doing. In the end we all burn, in the end we all burn, and somebody had to start the fire, somebody had to start it...
Track Name: Dual Unity
(Unintelligible words)
Track Name: Pyroclastic Flow
Track Name: Final Moments
My head is swimming in thoughts long gone
Goodbye to the days of our innocence
People from the past seem to haunt us still
Though in the back of our minds they whisper, barely heard
Slowly pushing, pushing up to the front
Stepping on precious thoughts, tearing our minds apart
So long ago they fresh and new within our hearts
Now they live in our dreams and subconscious parts
They become enraged, inner demons they're called
No longer just a thought, so hard to get rid of
And much more difficultly forgot....
Track Name: Spatial Disorientation
Your destination is death
Jim, I think we should uh, uh, uh....
Track Name: I Am/Identity
(improvised vocals from Sofia)
Track Name: The Birth Trauma
The underlying unconscious material is resolved
Destructive forces, symbolized by birdlike monsters
Redemption's no more
Bloody sacrifices among scenes of carnivals
The birth trauma, reborn, relive, ego disintegration
The birth trauma
Suddenly of the idea of vile sex symbol worship
Fertility rights, Casanova, the Red Light
Thrown to the stables of King Augeas
But the fire will consume them
Birth trauma
Reborn, relive, ego disintegration
The birth trauma
Track Name: We're Blood/Mutigens
Oh father what have you done?
You've murdered three people and I
Don't know how I'm gonna get us
Out of this
Oh daddy
Oh father
Where is innocence now?
It's leaving me
And I don't recognize my face
How long can we run?
We're blood
Track Name: Denial, Drawn & Quartered
Track Name: Intercept
Instrumental, voices from tapes
Track Name: Hold Still
I'm not gonna hurt you ok, I'm not gonna hurt you
Just hold still now, hold still
I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm not gonna hurt you
Just hold still now there we go, ahhhhh
Hold still
Track Name: Part Time
Answering Machine tape
Track Name: Administering & The Peak/Death By LSD