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Earth Audio 04:10
(instrumental and found sounds)
Deliria 02:04
If magic were made of dreams A smooth mind without seams It's seek and ye shall find I can't see so I won't blind Surface area decrease Has you falling to your knees Webs woven by hand, deception is planned You played a role in the manipulation Dangerous visions of manipulated behavior Cultural norms ingested and savored The nerve can't reveal what's in the mind Only accomplished by dismissal and time
One of these days I'm gonna die in your arms Then an afterlife of still feeling your charms I'm gonna lay with you when you sleep Wish I could have some of what you eat Don't wanna cause you no harm But I wanna make sure I'm close To hear the secrets you hide most I'm your ghost I'm gonna haunt you So who's the new guy? Girl you get over shit quick After three years, my worst fear Who in the fuck is this prick? I'm gonna mess with your lights And make sounds in the night Those are my favorite tricks And you'll know that I'm close You've made me your inherent host I'm your ghost I'm gonna haunt you And now there's something amiss I've gotten over this I guess I'll move on, and on, and on And on, and on, and on...
Pamphlet 02:59
Sleep and cry Live and die Repetition Simplicity Love and Love and Burn Eat and fast First and last Unpredictable Complexity Love and Love and Burn There's not much to it Step off the chair and do it We saw this coming Funeral humming Love and Love and Burn, burn
Cultivate 02:30
I want a piece of land to grow All the guilt my heart can sew Learn to eat guilt, and you'll be fed Eat too much, and you'll be dead Guilt is resilient and keeps me warm Omnipresent and in many forms Serendipitous and ironically cold Through the ages, a story told and retold I want to cultivate food from guilt Irrigate the darkness, prevent the wilt
Agonizingly 04:36
Fell so hard against the window pane But the glass is warm thankfully Not quite sure how to explain Cause I keep getting jammed in my brain Chiseling off my fingernails But all I can think is your smile makes me melt Glutton for punishment Martyr's sacrament Carved on my chest is written your name And it stenciled my shirt with a stain Your hands aren't so steady like you said they were But I like you girl, so much to offer My skin's off like a leather sheath But to me it feels like a day at the beach Glutton for punishment Martyr's sacrament I'll be whatever you want me to be Agonizingly
Pure Salt 03:10
My father had a vision, a grand vision High as the sky saw himself praying A voice told him the answers he was seeking He told me to take them with a grain of salt Pure salt Said I was the one, the only one Who could shake the demons loose Said I was the only one who could be Casting out the spirits with pure salt Pure salt I told him that superstition is a deranged disease And to take my response with a grain of salt Pure salt Superstition is a deranged disease
Mowers 02:22
I'm trying to sleep I'm trying to rest Been here for 30 years Patience always put to the test Keep the volume lower Man with the mower Don't cut my plastic flowers If they're even still there Seed pods in the fall Piled up, shows the care Tending to be brave Tending to a grave Harmonics from the mower My rot is about to cave
Supporting 03:22
I feel uplifted Because I hold the keys And I have the damage report Stand by the dead man That's support They must be gifted for they must see They're a deadly sort Helping to step over the threshold That's support Two lips kissing one last time Don't start crying or he may finish dying And that will leave the sort of trauma To fill volumes with melodrama He feels uplifted in his decision Supporting him Perusing infinity while being driven to the Ascension Both of his eyes are RX'd Supporting him, supporting him And it's all smiles for his success
Golden Blood 01:38
You come to me And you are my little one And you are my little girl And you will be on my side You will be on my side And you will be gone You
Trender 02:23
I see it on the news every night Made up news coming over the wire The digital wire - it's almost holographic Yet lithium batteries still expire And nothing feels real anymore And nothing was ever real before Nothing, nothing Nothing was ever real before As hysteria ruled the Dark Ages Entitlement fills our modern pages I go to the left, and I feel like nothing I go to the right, and I fit in And nothing seems real anymore And nothing seems genuine all the more Nothing, nothing Nothing seems genuine all the more And you've found the end of the mission Is dying on television They say to be realistic Look at the ballistics
I fear to say the name of spirits Because I may evoke I fear to consume the spirits Because I may provoke So put up the yard sail and let our home float away Maybe we can set up shop on a single square of sidewalk And we'll have ventilation for heated arguments And icy words to keep us cool in the summer I fear to be a cancer to society But that's my sign, oh the irony Etched out and stretched out on a waterboard I'll show you my excitement with my long hard sword And so it became apparent, that is, my roman holiday Schadenfreude it may be, epicaricacy Because all were lacking when it came to the Applications of meditative Mudita Fuck Fuck, fuck yeah Suck, fuck Titty fuck, fuck yeah Fuck
Under your hand-knitted linens I found your new arrivals in jazz I listened to the one you recommended It did nothing to change my life Thanks for nothing, seriously I tried to decipher why you're pretending you like this You never play it in your car You never play it on vinyl You only play it on vinyl when others are around You only tell people about it when you get new arrivals in jazz or art rock, or contemporary experimental sludge pop Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, very good! You know names! Unlike anything about life If slamming all this smack into me at once Meant that I'd never have to hear any of your recommendations again I'd shoot myself with a heroin bullet While your Big Band swing sound is in contrast to the gunshot Jazz hands, jazz hands, got blood on my jazz hands Got jizz on my blood hands My jizz on my blood hands Jazz hands, jazz hands Fuck your jazz Fuck your recommendations
Sighting 02:22
This is a mask, permanent Condensation growing, plastic scent Don't take it off, it'll take your face Without that mask, it's all out of place Don't wanna see no expose Of some dysfunction that fits my needs We don't wanna see no faces today Eyes are sharp, makes me bleed The gift of sight Thank you god for these eyes The gift of sight Damn you god for these eyes This is a task, neurotic as it may seem Delusions evolving, take a bullet for the team I'd rather be inside my head, thinking of the future dread Then carry on this dead end dream The gift of sight Damn you god for these eyes
Repertoire 01:32
On with a monolith How did all this start? Pushed aside by buoyant pride It's a task to stay alive A mother of nature A father of decay The future lies Rolling blackouts Keeping your words at bay Forgotten in the coded sky Laughing at geometry This slant makes me tall No real structures to hide behind Is this the center yet? A mother of nature A father of decay Is this the center yet? Laughing at geometry Is this is the center yet?
Shuffle Movement The light Happening Latex hands What is latex? What are hands? Pulling God keep me here! Don't bring me out of here! God please! What is god? What is please? What is what? What is what? This is happening This is happening
What if Jesus had been born a preemie? Wouldn't weigh much heavier than a locket Look at me, I'm carrying God in my pocket What if Jesus had been born a preemie? He would've been placed in something much stranger Than an old traditional manger What if Jesus Christ had been born prematurely? It wouldn't have changed a thing All the geriatrics in church would still sing To a matchbox-sized nativity scene What if JC had been born a lil' preemie? Born too soon, still makes the world swoon To have swaddled him in adoration Could've stolen away my salvation What if Jesus had been born, you know, a little guy? Coming down to this world, like a little pebble in the sky Divine Conception is nothing but a pinch When the holiest of holies is not much longer than an inch What if Jesus had been born a preemie? What could Jesus do? What would Jesus do? Instead of WW3 I like WWJD Nothing would have changed, it wouldn't have changed a thing And would the Mother Mary Sing to her little canary?
Robert only wanted a heavenly reward Slashing Louis XV was the only price he could afford But as the harlots fed Casanova grapes and stroked his semi-hard member He couldn't help but feel compassion, as Robert was dismembered Casanova watched Plugging his ears, blocking his mind He watched But only for a time The king and queen seemed unmoved As four strong horses tried to quarter in groove Poor Robert's bones proved too sturdy So they chopped up the tendons like prepping a turkey Casanova watched Being swallowed, thrusting his hips He watched Life is so rich
I was concentrated on the lines Supposing everything would be just fine Then sounds of metal drown out the screams Please god tell me this is all just a violent dream A rolling head bounds along in a field What we have here, is a failure to yield And I'd like to say I'm sorry to your mother Because of your life, she'd say, I have robbed her Forgiveness is such a blanket term Forgiveness is such a hollow word I'll be forgiven when I burn
Nostalgia 05:04
There's that certain way The evening light shines through the trees It makes me realize this was all meant to be It takes me back, the mind remembers All encompassing, it makes me realize Life is a cruel dream It takes me back There's that certain way the light hits the leaves It makes me remember, it makes me want to repeat It takes me back Solid emotions running through the veins It feels like something, feels like rain Feels like nothing that can be named Leaves shoved deep inside my brain It makes me realize, all encompassing Makes me realize, this is all a cruel dream It takes me back, makes me realize Takes me back, all encompassing That certain way the light hits Takes me back It feels like something, feels like rain


I'm unhinged.


released February 16, 2016

All music and lyrics written by Jacobb Sackett, except track 2, with lyrics written by Ashley & Jacobb Sackett, and track 10, with lyrics written by Sofia Sackett.

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacobb Sackett at FPS HQ, Eagle, Idaho, USA, December 2015 - February 2016.


Ashley Sackett - Album Artwork

Jacobb Sackett - Analog FX, Bass, Beats/Drums/Rhythms, Field Recordings & Found Sounds, Guitars (acoustic and electric), Piano, Prepared Guitar, Synthesizers, Tapes, Vocals

Sofia Sackett - Vocals (track 10)


all rights reserved



The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) Boise, Idaho

Jacobb and Ashley started playing music together in 2002 in several different bands in Boise, Idaho, USA. They accumulated circuit bent equipment and instruments, vintage synthesizers, and analog FX units. In late 2010, Jacobb recalls hearing strange and horrific noises as well as visual anomalies during a near death experience, which has influenced FPS's sound to this day. ... more

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