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Praise for "Full Of Hooks":
"Boise, Idaho's The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) have released their latest work, "Full Of Hooks". Comprised of the husband and wife duo of Jacobb and Ashley Sackett, FPS makes dense, dark post-punk music that is highly unique. "Full of Hooks" is a massive album of eighteen tracks featuring a mournful vibe and foreboding textures. While not for everyone, FPS' music is sensual and intimate, challenging the listener to open up to the experience and then rewarding one with imaginative and distinct stylings". - Floorshime Zipper Boots music blog (floorshimezipperboots.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-finer-points-of-sadism-fps-full-of.html)

"....mish-mash of wicked metallic noise/voice samplings, guitars being used in a variety of ways....Whichever of the type of styles you dig, there’s bound to be something there for the fan of experimental, dark, neo-goth, etc. on here." - Kent Manthie, The Independent Review music blog (kmanthie.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/more-from-the-finer-points-of-sadism/)

About the album:
No samples, computers, iPads, or software was ever used on any of these FPS tracks. It was a challenge to have to mostly limit ourselves to the bare basics of any rock and roll element, drums, guitar, bass, etc. Making it hooky without losing the FPS sound in the process. Most importantly, this album is purposely more structured than any of it predecessors, and without regret. We strive to make all of our albums different, so that if you were to listen to them all at once, it would play this large array of different sounds, different atmospheres, always evolving and devolving.

This album was inspired by many different elements and music. The first and foremost was our own past as musicians, and some of the music we played some years ago. The concept of many tracks at short lengths was inspired by Pavement's "Wowie Zowie" album and the first 3 albums from Wire. The use of cut ups for lyrics was the result of readings of Burroughs, Genesis P. Orridge, and readings as well as documentary and concert footage of circa 1974 David Bowie. The guitar work was inspired by a lot of the music we were listening to at the time, including Captain Beefheart, Wire and the tremolo picking of Nick Zinner from circa "Fever To Tell" Yeah Yeah Yeahs. All the tracks have cut up lyrics, from a decade's worth of unreleased poems and songs written by both members of The Finer Points Of Sadism (F.P.S.).


released July 20, 2012

Recorded May - July 2012. Produced by FPS.
Jacobb T. Sackett - Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Rhythms/Beats, FX.
Ashley Sackett - Bass, Synthesizer, Steel Guitar, FX.
Cover Art: John Facey (urcheonarts.tumblr.com)



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The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) Boise, Idaho

Jacobb and Ashley started playing music together in 2002 in several different bands in Boise, Idaho, USA. They accumulated circuit bent equipment and instruments, vintage synthesizers, and analog FX units. In late 2010, Jacobb recalls hearing strange and horrific noises as well as visual anomalies during a near death experience, which has influenced FPS's sound to this day. ... more

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Track Name: Sea Quarters
Into the galley that makes them go pale
Why all the pain and sorrow? Now I can read you
Containing amnesty, fuck.
Spreading out their fan-like tails
Why can't this stop?
It only makes me a better writer
Flicked, tapped, hit
Don't understand experiences and ouija board revelations
Carressing me, I need criticism to be
Wasting time, crying just the same
And they pulled me down, holding the world
Lips met on each side of, no one would know
As we celebrate, no, that's a lie, I need disaster
High seas of where we were hidden by, splashing excitedly
Someone else guiding for this ship, they're our tenure
Our great logic on amnesty at our feet
Amnesty, shhhh, I know your.....
Where's amnesty? Fuck amnesty
Falling pieces, their tails were flickering fingertips with passions.
Track Name: Procession
A trance, sensitive to be exposed
Exploited for capital, you've been lucky so far
Still holding on, we get a glimpse of holes
Threatens disease, bodies hanging
Watch it happen
But the embrace, imported for gain
Pulled on deck, as deceiving as a mistress
Turn off the autopilot
Friction is burning like fire
I love you, I'm not caressing the shadows
Reminds me, clasped hands, flowers
What will you do?
Track Name: Rogue Month
Are you so convinced she didn't get an answer?
But I can't help feeling tense
All of your decisions, our lips meet
So nice to be admired, I wish I could hear
Push yourself forward, the burning, you're sick
Reminds us wouldn't it be nice to be admired?
Waiting for passing cars, more of the same
As promising as the world, old me, you.
Personal demons, should I believe you?
Judged after my plight, too much to bear?
He says "don't worry", as vulnerable as a flower
I don't believe, exploited for life
What's in heaven? But do you know?
Love and hate, or does it feel right?
She told me to breathe, here coming
But what's anything? You admitted that I -
- I don't remember, to kiss their tears
Tasting now of the water, at every turn
The center of our universe, our own dreams
Track Name: Calendar Flipping
Where were you, head hanging
It's so easy, all of that being said
I wish I could feel, could care
I can no longer
When I, in lust, found reluctant
Looking for carnage, he'll go over the edge
Important to none, changing environment
Concerned about my destination
An imperfection that's more than us
As weak as a lamb, references from banality
Tell us what you saw, want to be on?
Smile oh your face to watch the kicking
Maybe my heart, to see belonging
As delicate as labia, as I sit, to another
To her desire, already told
You would take weekdays connected
What do you do to keep going?
Track Name: Bomb Blasts Of Eternity
Was oh, the first show
Maybe I missed the minds brainwash
So false you admitted, now reside
The eyes, the pieces, a secret, anything, me
So many, or pull one, I know you do, you guess
Over my head, human contact, today is the day
What we do, be the one, my hand will never make you happy
The man will seek, but insults wait for you
If I could, bomb blasts of eternity
One thorn tells me, hips arpeggiating
Adventure, the end
Track Name: Convinced I'm Melting
He lets go, tired of us too
Left on, will spinning
So fresh, the cold rushing
Shout, my mind
Haven't if I could
Impulses I only want
Looking at today, drift away
To be the, go, be so true, is it?
Track Name: Equal & Same Time
Only the most noble will have the front row views
Happening now, will one day be ancient history
Travel to the interior, who's ear is shaped quite different over the Earth
And it was then I realized, there was a party
He tries to maintain his agony
Nothing to worry, see the great purification
Acquires a grin from hell
Listening to the modern radio and remembering nothing
Painting at the idol, some things to say
A large fucking enormous beginning inside of it
My brothers, to give me, eternally exposed
Equal and same time, and we sleep
Those types that matter can generate action
Been friends, contractions are slow
Laughing, he gets caught
Track Name: Hellbent Family
Sure, you were ready
See the innards spilled amongst men
Spinning it, and as the ax blade crushes our enemy
A consideration of being
Stop eating so much in the bedposts
For your attention, supposed to feel good
Contracts the length, avoid screaming in death
Pretend to be sick, the senate of lies announce rage
And disowning their heritage with verbal exchanges
And giggled at the sight of my fear
Standing here, if you will, wet with greed
As I watched the members of the party
Voices from the abyss.
Track Name: Mind Wanders
Being confiscated from him at a terrifying time
As hopelessness closes in
Everything you've been doing on the finest beds they can't hear
He's probably thinking everything that is saying nothing
Slowly began to notice me, a tree of life
Regulatory complex with the finest
I saw many windows on its bark
They emulated my every movements
Waking up scared, worth fighting for
Fuel the flames, more than everything in between, save everything
Now freed, your attention makes it worse
The cobblestone, the flies began to gather giving you pleasure
But all of those harlot sheets, party with people
My next memory is of you driving
Track Name: First Thought Tissues
Vibrations, accomplish it in our sex acts
Yeah I know your soul, great pressure
Tones of remorse, they can just feel the vibrations, about suicide
The rest fight for a better spot, he feels empty
Come to me, just I, not there
Physically ill, mimic me
I watched through release
Still relate? Wasn't quite sure
Deal with pain as he's forced to look at his organs
Express it, a temporary cover, there it was
How disgusting, you even though
First thought tissues
Track Name: I Can Windows
Want to? Combined yelling
One of seizures, your life, your decision
Second try, but soon I noticed
They feel not feel confusion
Was sexually, just cells, I
Do you want, anyway?
How defiant, screaming rarely see
Come first, turn to means anything simpleton
You open arms, I can windows
Huffing canned air is nature
A hypocrite, and they're all wearing
To can't say, high and mighty, we win
The molecules it once was, I am busted
You look complete, I am sexually vile
Track Name: Beyond Psychiatry
Like everyone else, we now know we were wrong
Wind is whistling away, I open my eyes again
Starts to pass, and everybody's feeling weary
Rings to stretch, and make sure no other becomes
Takes away the personalization
We might weed the weather
Make sure to lock your windows
Press their faces more than I can bear
The birds are chirping, shuddering
Rushing the blood, like to help
Another disappearance, everybody's disappearing
Beating, so pitiful, for what do they say of fear?
Lies submissive, the need for, lock your door
Hope to, gotta catch the killer
My head needed inquiry, long beyond help
You better catch the killer, the sound of my heart
Think differently, say how, but another, quite cold
Answer me, and the shrooms, the act, to sing could look inside the depths
Track Name: Doctor
Medical school, become and taking
I just shake it off
Holding is evolved, look at dropped reins and began afterwards
Would be dismissed slowly and trust, that was a year ago
Thin whore that later sank
Damn your ecstasy, perverted
Signify how glad for bragging screams, things
The fact is plump, embedded, the occult
Pure escape as they that almost interned life
Track Name: Induction
Forging drugs, brush of the hair
What was left of personality, compassion for your dead
You complain about the clock without thought
Fully diminished, when fate, pulled from oblivion
Silent days led to bright reality
Ritual rights were forced human deep
Take the time to see, where's your key to life?
Another round, so be it
Pay dirt in sympathy, remember the face
Vapid and of your death
Heart racing, a notification
Staked in your forethought with those mourners
Crumbled your ego, killing ever near
From ancient practices, roll around in
Incapable of, for self propulsion
Track Name: The Tapping Is Life
Glued to skin, primitive instincts
Trust before it was, what was once shattered porcelain
Hostile nights, the existence
Path you've chosen, they have failed you
Where's your treasure? Self served head
Continuity of nature, never again trust
Decapitation in disregard (x2) of a finger
Trauma, surviving means, world's greatest printed
A third for, shucked off (x2)
Take in the vending machines, knowing vapors the most will stop
Take over, the tapping is life, mortal, crystalline
With a rather humiliating scene
Tears moments after, mug, creeping, loitering for instincts
Denied in pain, brutal, this eye
Track Name: Crash (Course)
In a most morbid way, sparks of creation
Your limbs, looking glasses into rotted terrain
Manipulating, try to restart, until tragedy strikes
Mingling the essence, for demand of a million years decay
Your dismantled life, throwing themselves
Knowing it all in wounds on the flame
At the window, though of the wrong kind
Staring him down, bubbling over, a twisted display
Into existence, eternity
Regret magnetizing the engineer
Intense screaming, flying, birthing of hard labor
Left in his brain, ingrained training
Will not stop on a hill
Licking fingers, sputtering disdain shows through
Taste of, for command, controlled, controlled
Track Name: Over Again
Make themselves known, heated, breaking inside
Into the black sky (2x)
Hands grab doors, perished first hand entities today
Pressure in the spit pooled
Ended up residents condemned
Engines, engines over again for now
Eyes burst, the acrid smell, netherworld
Has he sewn facing the only?
Has refuge from the most creatures
His flight at, you'll keep fighting
Burned, colliding (2x) is the poor